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Understanding Behavior for Effective Communication

DISC Assessment: Would you like to increase—substantially increase —your compatibility with other people?  Can you imagine the ways this might benefit you in your career, your day-to-day dealings with people, and in your closest personal relationships?

Our characteristic Styles or patterns of relating to others determine the ease with which we build relationships.  Most of our behavioral patterns are established early in life through the influence of peers, education, parents, authority figures, and our environment.  Throughout our lives, a variety of behavioral patterns are reinforced and become habits.  While our habits make us fairly predictable, everyone has different habits.  That’s what keeps relationships interesting and challenging! 

The DISC Platinum Rule assembles a number of simple tools that can easily be applied to improve both business and interpersonal relationships.  DISC is not intended to provide an in-depth psychological examination of human behavior; instead, DISC offers guidelines for understanding and adjusting to the differences in people, through observation of their behaviors.  The DISC tools will enable you to see yourself and your world through someone else’s eyes and ears, and that can go a long way toward building compatibility! 

The DISC Platinum Rule will show you how to “Do unto others the way they want and need you to do unto them” by teaching you to:

• UNDERSTAND  that  although each     individual’s personality is as unique as his or her      thumbprint, many behaviors can be positioned within a systematic, predictable framework.

• IDENTIFY how a person’s behavioral patterns influence what that person wants, needs, and expects from you and others, as well as how that person communicates those wants, needs, and expectations.  People will actually tell you how to deal with them if you know what to listen and look for.

• ADAPT to people in a way that will reduce tension and increase cooperation and trust in all varieties of relationships.

It is my belief that people will show you—actually teach you—how they prefer to be treated if you will listen to what they have to say, watch what they do, and be willing to accommodate possible differences between their Styles and your own. The rewards in terms of productive, trusting relationships can be substantial in many areas of your life.

DISC Assessment
DISC Assessment

Kelly Murray, Certified DISC Practitioner